barbering is a profession that offers job security, flexibility and a rewarding financial future.

in what other profession can you set your own hours, work anywhere in the world, and directly affect your earnings?

    the american college of hairstyling has been training barbers since 1899!  traditionally, barbering has evoked the image of a no-frills shop where a man can get his haircut and a shave for a reasonable price.  however, today's licensed barbers are not only skilled with clippers and shears, but they can also shave, shampoo, and style hair.  each of these skills is required by the state barber's license exam.   at the american college of hairstyling, the curriculum prepares students for this exam.  many of our graduates have chosen to focus on traditional men's barbering for their career, while others have pursued careers in both men's and women's hairstyling.  we do not provide cosmetology training.

graduates of the ach

   once the student has graduated and received their barber's license, they are free to pursue whichever area of the haircare industry they prefer.  as you'll see in the section of the website, "ach graduates", the american college of hairstyling produces graduates that are more than capable of owning and operating their own barber shop or hair salon, as barbers or hairstylists!

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