graduate comments

 american college of hairstyling (1999-2000)


�i chose the american college of hairstyling simply because of the hands-on training available.  i feel that�s a great way to learn and build great progress.  the experience given is greatly accepted in the field of barber-styling.  the instructors are willing to work with you to meet your needs and busy schedule.�  -dawn

�i chose the american college of hairstyling for a school because i wanted to get a barber license rather than cosmetology.  i knew a few former students that highly recommended this school.  two of them went on to open their own shop.  the other is working in a shop in his hometown and has an opportunity to become a sales representative. i�m very happy with my decision because we get a lot of hands-on training and one-on-one help with the instructor if we need it.  the environment at the school is very positive and comfortable.  i�m halfway through my time at school and i have learned a lot and have had a lot of fun at it.�  -jenny white

�my name is matt monroe and when i attended the ach in 1994-95 i learned many things from styling, perming and colors to sales.  i chose the school because it was highly recommended and i liked the idea of getting the students on the floor cutting as soon as possible. that�s the only way you will be ready for the career that awaits you.  i have been very rewarded with the clientele i have now and the benefits i have acquired over the years in barbering.  i have attended many shows and still try to learn new techniques every chance i get.  i am very grateful to the school, staff and the customers there because if it wasn�t for them i would not have the career i have now.  i hope to be doing this trade for a very long time.  thanks again!� �matt monroe

�my name is nina richart goersch.  i was a single mom who attended the american college of hairstyling (cedar rapids).  i graduated in 1996.  i chose the barber college because a friend of mine who has been a hairstylist for 19 years felt this was the best school around to fulfill all the attributes of hairstyling.  i learned everything about perms, colors, cuts, styles, sets, nails, facials, shaves, and razor cutting.  i also learned communication skills, and how to properly own or manage a business.  we also used a wide range of products, so i learned the products as well as how to sell them.  the instructors were wonderful- they were always willing to help with anything even if that meant before or after school hours.  the things i was taught in school were very beneficial to me.  i hold a lot of respect for the teachers and the school. after graduation i worked in a salon full time, and at a nursing home doing hair for the patients.  using what i learned in school and the knowledge gained in the first year and a half after graduation, i bought my own salon and retail outlet store.  i feel i owe my success to the great teachers and the school.  i would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to be a stylist and the best they can be, it is the best school in this area in my opinion.�  -nina richart goersch

�i chose ach as my teaching facility for many reasons: 1) it was hands-on training which i felt was very beneficial since there are several different hair types and textures.  2) it was cost effective and they offered financial aid.  i found the other colleges were higher in price and did not offer as much in training.  3) the college covered areas other than just haircutting, for example, cash register, perming, coloring, shop management, facials, etc...since i have graduated from the ach i have worked in a shop and i currently own my own in keota.  i�m glad i chose this as a profession and i am very glad i chose the ach to teach me and prepare me for my career.�  -nancy morrison, ole english barbershop

�my name is jon bushaw and i attended the [american college of hairstyling] from april 1991 to march of 1992.  the reason i picked this school was the hands-on training that i received while attending.  during my 11 months in school i did over 2000 haircuts, learned perms, colors and learned the art of selling products.  this got me ready for a career which has been very rewarding.  i now own my own shop and am in the process of purchasing another.  i will forever be grateful for all that i learned and the friendships that you establish with fellow students, clients, and the instructors who were there when you needed them.  i have no regrets about attending the ach and would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a career that will last them a lifetime.�  -jon bushaw

�i attended the american college of hairstyling in 1994 at the age of 43.  i had checked out the three colleges in cedar rapids and my decision was based on the amount of hands-on work that i would be doing.  repetition is the best way to learn.  after receiving my diploma i went to work for fantastic sams and then to iowa hair.  at this point i was looking for a different challenge and was offered a position at the american college of hairstyling as an instructor.  i enjoyed teaching for two and a half years.  i was then offered a postion as a shift supervisor with supercuts, where i am now currently manager.  at the present time i am also a district manager trainee and in the next few months i hope to be managing multiple salons.  with every advancement a person takes there are added bonuses.  you will find that your success will depend totally upon you.  ambition and hard work are the keys to your success!�  -connie nesbitt

"my name is bronwyn vonstein.  i have been out of school for three years.  i have worked at the same salon [since graduation], at the iowa hair cutting co., now called regis.  i would definitely choose the same school (american college of hairstyling) again if i had to do over.  one of the students who just recently started asked for my opinion on the school and i told her the same thing.  i chose this school for the help i received with the financial aid originally and really liked the small classes once i got started.  smaller numbers meant the staff knew what areas i excelled in and helped me to work in those areas.�  -bronwyn von stein