cosmetology schools, or beauty schools, train cosmetologists in the areas of cosmetic application, artificial wraps, waxing, artificial hair (wigs), hair straightening, basic haircutting, styling, colors, perms, and massage techniques.

    the american college of hairstyling includes many of the same courses as the typical cosmetology curriculum, but focuses on quality hairstyling and cutting techniques for both male and female clients.  if you want to learn the complete range of hairstyling skills, both men's and women's colors, perms, cuts and styles, the american college of hairstyling has the program for you.  however, if you're interested in cosmetics and waxing, a cosmetology school may better fit your needs.  the following table compares the ach curriculum to the typical cosmetology curriculum:


women's hairstyles a a
perms a a
colors a a
facials a a
men's hairstyles a a
men's tapered haircuts   a
shaves   a
massage a a
cosmetics a  
waxing a  
2160 hour program a a
the american college of hairstyling focuses on hairstyling and prepares students for the state hairstyling/barbering exam.  it does not provide training for the state cosmetology exam.

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  if you are currently a cosmetologist or cosmetology student and wish to get more exposure to haircutting and hairstyling techniques, take a look at our hairstyling for cosmetologists course!
for more information regarding the differences between hairstyling/barbering and cosmetology, please consult the state exam requirements listed online.
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