the educational programs at the american college of hairstyling prepare students for a career in hairstyling or barbering and are based on the three tenets of the educational focus: 
  • maximum exposure to cutting hair on real clients, not mannequins.  this serves to provide them with an advantage over graduates from other schools with less real world experience.
  • personal instruction with small groups of students, where the student to instructor ratio is approximately 4 to 1.
  • emphasis on haircutting/barbering and styling skills.  almost 75% of the term is dedicated to developing cutting and styling techniques!
educational focus
  • real clients
  • personal instruction
  • emphasis on haircutting/barbering and styling skills

   all of the school's educational programs prepare the graduate for the iowa state hairstyling/barbering exam.  they differ in length and content based on prior experience and educational goals.  there are four courses offered: basic course, master course, hairstyling for cosmetologists and refresher course for licensed hairstylists/barbers.

basic barbering & hairstyling course:  a program for individuals with no prior experience in the haircare industry.  this program requires 2160 clock hours of instruction and results in a basic diploma.  at completion of this course, you could expect to work in an entry level position in a shop or salon.

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master barbering & hairstyling course: an advanced program of 2700 clock hours to a master diploma.  after completing 2160 hours in the school, the student completes an internship of 540 hours in a shop or salon.  the student will be paid by the shop or salon just as if the student were licensed.  after completing this course with the internship, you would be better prepared to seek a management position, or possibly own your own shop or salon.
barbering & hairstyling for cosmetologists:  we find many beauticians feel ill-prepared in the area of haircutting, permanent waving and hair coloring.  this program is designed for either licensed cosmetologists or students transferring from a beauty school.  an individual already holding a cosmetology license may obtain a barber's license by completing a 1080 clock hour program and taking the state exam.  a student transferring from a beauty school may be granted as much as 50% of the hours he or she has attained at their original school.  

graduates of this program receive a basic diploma and are scheduled to take the state examination for a barbering/hairstyling license.

layered, wet haircut
high taper

refresher course for licensed hairstylists/barbers:  this 400 hour course is for previously licensed hairstylists or barbers who wish to return to school in order to improve their skills or study new topics in the industry.  it is also designed for barber-stylists from other states who wish to prepare for the state examination.

graduates of this course receive a certificate.

courses by clock hours

  the lengths of our courses are quoted in "clock hours."  every hour you attend is counted as one clock hour toward your graduation.  the number of weeks it takes you to graduate depends on the number of days you are scheduled to attend each week.

  basic master for cosmetologists refresher
hairstyling, shampooing, hair conditioning 800 800 400
haircutting, clipper cutting, razor cutting 725 725 400
permanent waving, hair coloring and hairpieces 350 350 100
facials, massage, packs and tonics 50 50 30
shaving 60 60 60
sanitation, bacteriology, hygiene and physiology 25 25 10
skin and scalp diseases 25 25 10
hair structure and science 20 20 10
business management, history and ethics 105 105 60
salon internship or additional laboratory hours in school 0 540 0
total hours 2160 2700 1080 400
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