graduated: 1998

    di is the manager and hairstylist of a thriving salon, located in a metropolitan shopping mall.  the salon offers services to both men and women and can accommodate more than ten hairstylists.  di's experience is unique in that she has both a cosmetology license and a barber's license, besides the fact that she was promoted to manager early in her career.

what made you decide on a career in hairstyling/barbering?

becoming a hairstylist had been a childhood dream since i was the age of five.  i don't know what first got me interested, but it was definitely a life goal.
what were you doing before you entered the american college of hairstyling?
before i started studying hairstyling, i went to college for a year at northwest missouri state university.  my parents had urged me to attend the university for at least a year before following my dream of pursuing hairstyling.  i kind of took an unusual path towards my goal, though.

i actually have a cosmetology license and a barber's license.  i'm proud of the barber's license.  i had gone through cosmetology school in missouri and earned my diploma before returning home to iowa.  however, the laws in iowa required more hours of study than missouri and i felt that i only had enough experience to "get by", but not enough to really cut hair.  i wanted to be proficient.  so, i enrolled at the american college of hairstyling, where i knew they start you right off cutting hair.


where did you work after graduation?
great clips on east euclid avenue, in des moines.  i was there for one year, then transferred to the shop in ames.  after a year in ames, i went to my current salon, where i could do everything (haircuts, perms, nails, colors).

how many hours a week do you work now?
i work forty to forty-five hours a week.


what kind of car do you drive?
1998 pontiac sunfire


what advice would you give new students to the american college of hairstyling?
what you do today does not only affect today, but it affects tomorrow, a month from now and a year from now.  you must set goals for yourself, so that the things you do today can help you reach the goals you set for tomorrow.  i wouldn't be where i'm at without them.  also, check out every school and find out which one is right for you.
what would you tell other people who are considering a barber's license?
at least one out of every ten women in a salon has a barber's license.  i learned a lot more about cutting hair.  everything that i learned in missouri, over a year at cosmetology school, i learned in six months at barber school: cut, style, rat, tease, foil, perm, color, shave and clipper cuts, you name it.  and, knowing how to do clipper cuts saved my business because a majority of my clients are men.  you'd be surprised.
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