graduated: 1995

    jody is one of eight hairstylists in a salon that offers services to both men and women.  it was started by herself and several other friends who wanted to go into business for themselves.  after only a few years out of school, jody truly feels that she is reaching her goals.

what made you decide on a career in hairstyling/barbering?

i wanted to do something "hands-on" where i would be around people.  i always took a lot of art classes in high school and i liked interacting with people.  considering that i was not a book person and four years of college studying definitely did not appeal to me, i looked for something else to use my talents.  hairstyling was the right choice.
what were you doing before you entered the american college of hairstyling?
i was in high school.  i graduated in june and three months later i was starting at the american college of hairstyling.
where did you work after graduation?
i started at city looks salon.  i was there for eleven months and then went to another salon, looks, for two and a half years.  while i was there, i met several other women who were interested in working for themselves.  we didn't want to "share" anymore, so we opened our own shop!  we now have eight hairstylists and one nail technician.

it took about eight months to a year, after i graduated from hairstyling school, before i felt comfortable with my earnings.

how many hours a week do you work now?
well, as you can probably guess, some weeks are slow and some are fast.  it ranges between thirty and fifty hours a week.
what kind of car do you drive?
1999 cougar, dual overhead cams, v6 with alloy wheels!
why did you choose the american college of hairstyling?
three reasons:
  • first, the school gives a lot of hands-on experience.  i was not practicing on mannequins all day!  
  • second, the individual attention.  i was not in class with fifty girls working on one mannequin head!  
  • third, it was self-paced.  i was doing perms and colors in three months after i started, where it normally took other students five months.

i just wanted to do hair.  i didn't want to do make-up and esthetics and all that.  i just wanted to do hair, period.

what advice would you give new students to the american college of hairstyling?

the first year after graduation is rough, but don't give up.  just keep working, because three and a half years after i left school, i've got my own business, a new car and i'm loving life!

get your schooling done and don't put things off.  start discipline in school: get there on time and go regularly.  that's just going to make you better when you get out into the workplace.

lastly, work on your people skills.  i can't emphasize enough how important it is to have good people skills and personality.  it is the secret to this business.

what would you tell other people who are hesitant about obtaining a barber's license?
barber school is not a bunch of old men cutting men's hair.  it covers the same material as cosmetology school, but without the makeup.  and barber school really emphasizes haircutting techniques.  when i was at city looks salon, i was only in their training program for two days because my haircutting technique was already very good.

the fact that i am so proficient in cutting hair, including men's hairstyles, has really helped my business.  can you imagine?  men love the fact that they can find a woman that knows how to cut their hair!

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