pope's hair and tanning

graduated: 1978

    matt owns and operates pope's hair and tanning with his wife.  the shop offers a full range of haircare services for both men and women, and, as the name suggests, tanning beds are available.  five hairstylists, including matt, work in the shop six days a week, with accommodations for six hairstylists.

what made you decide on a career in hairstyling/barbering?

i grew up in a small farming town and decided that farming was not what i wanted to do.  i had two sisters enrolled in hairstyling school and a buddy of mine was enrolling in the american college of hairstyling.  it seemed like a great opportunity.
what were you doing before you entered the american college of hairstyling?
i was farming in lucas county, iowa!


where did you work after graduation?
i worked for a men's hairstyling salon on the ninth floor of the des moines building.  it was strictly male executives needing their hair cut; not much variety.


how many hours a week do you work?
just cutting hair, i'm working about fifty-five to sixty hours a week.  when you include doing the books and record keeping, it's more like seventy-five hours a week.


what kind of car do you drive?
well, we have three cars, but we only drive two.  i drive the mazda pickup and my wife drives the 2000 chevy blazer.


what advice would you give new students to the american college of hairstyling?
if you're really looking to become a hairstylist, decide if you'll work for yourself or someone else, early on.  this is a career for people that like people.  you get to be your own boss and no one can tell you what to do.  given time, and a frugal attitude, you'll do all right.
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