roosevelt barber shop

graduated: 1988

    rick owns and operates the roosevelt barber shop, in the roosevelt shopping center, in des moines.  he works alongside two other barbers, rory and the venerable jack.  the shop has been in the same location for more than seventy years.  founded in 1927, the shop has been owned by only four fortunate barbers, with rick assuming ownership in 1998.

what made you decide on a career in hairstyling/barbering?

my own barber suggested that i look into it.  i'd been thinking about doing something different for several years.
what were you doing before you entered the american college of hairstyling?
i was working for fawn engineering in des moines, in the factory.
where did you work after graduation?
after graduation, i went to work for a shop on 42nd street, called productions.  it's no longer there.  i wasn't making as much money as i expected, so after a year, i came across the street to the roosevelt barber shop.  it wasn't until i made the move that i started to get comfortable with the pay i was earning.
how many hours a week do you work now?

i work about fifty hours a week.
what kind of car do you drive?
1990 honda accord
what advice would you give new students to the american college of hairstyling?
work hard.  they need barbers out there.  they really do.
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