salary & wage calculator
  the u.s. bureau of statistics estimates the average barber has an income of $27,660 but information from our graduates indicates this is low.

  this calculator determines an approximate annual salary and hourly wage based on the information that you enter to the right. you may estimate your own income by entering assumptions you personally make. for example, many barbers work for the shop owner on a commission basis. a 70% commission is popular with 70% of the income going to the barber and 30% going to the shop owner. you might consider the following ranges:

low average high
haircut price $10 $15 $25
%commission to the barber/stylist 30% 55% 80%
haircuts per hour 2 4 6
hours worked per day 6 8 12
working days per week 3 5 6
haircut price
%commission to the barber/stylist
haircuts per hour
hours worked per day
working days per week
vacation days per year
monthly operating costs

you are given a line to estimate your monthly operating costs but they should be small since the shop owner will be paying most of the overhead. and, of course you will have both busy and slow days.
haircuts per day


annual salary


hourly wage


annual salary= ((service price)*(percent commission) + tip per haircut))*(haircuts per hour)*(hours per day)*
[52*(working days per week)-(vacation days per year)]-12*(monthly operating costs)

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