Salary & Wage Calculator
  This calculator determines an approximate salary, wage or pay based on the information that you enter to the right.

  Enter "10" for the Service Price and press "Calculate", for example.

  For example, what do barbers charge for a haircut, $15?  Out of that $15, they may earn only $12, with $3 going to the barbershop owner (80% commission).  If it takes only twenty minutes for a haircut and they work eight hours a day, five days a week with twenty days of vacation per year, they can expect to make a maximum salary of $69,120.  This is with non-stop customers!  A more realistic estimate assumes that they have both good days and bad days during the year, which is represented by the Low ($22,418) and Medium ($45,619) salaries.

Service Price
Percent Commission
Service Time in Minutes
Hours Per Day
Working Days Per Week
Vacation Days Per Year
Monthly Operating Costs

Customer Traffic (customers per day) Low Medium High
Annual Salary
Monthly Salary
Hourly Wage
  How do salaries compare for a hairstylist who specializes in inexpensive, quick hairstyles (like clipper cuts) and one that specializes in expensive, time consuming hairstyles (like perms and colors)?  Try 30 minute haircuts for $20 and 120 minute colors for $80.

Annual Salary= (Service Price)*(Percent Commission)*60/(Service Time in Minutes)*(Hours Per Day)*
[52*(Working Days Per Week)-(Vacation Days Per Year)]-12*(Monthly Operating Costs)

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